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Metalbird loves – NYC street art

Metalbird celebrates nature, and creates nice additions to suburban greenery, in effect, street art that comes to life.

That gritty heritage comes direct from our artist in residence, Phil Walters – he first noticed the power of street art on a 2005 trip to New York City.

As anyone who’s ever visited will know, New York is a place to wander. The city is a boiling mass of people living out dreams and struggling to get by. It’s part of why the street art – an art form born of disenfranchisement, rage, and raw talent – flourishes in New York City. In fact, last year, a jury ruled that a NYC real estate developer broke the law when he painted over the graffiti art covering his building.

Street art might not be in galleries or fine art auctions, but its validity as an art form is now unquestioned. That was something born home to Phil when he stopped cold by a piece of art left in a dark alley.

“I saw what I thought was a pallet – but it was a piece of art that read ‘fame game’.”

The fact that someone would create something so powerful and leave it in the public space, added to its power. This was a statement left out for the world to see – not just for the rich to enjoy behind closed doors.

It began a love affair with street art, which ultimately inspired the designs created by Metalbird.

While you’ll find moments of startlingly powerful art tucked into every corner of the city, here are some of Phil’s favourite pieces – much of this has probably already disappeared.

Geometric cardboard installations – Clemens Behr

Bher specialises in high-impact 3D spaces, built out of low-cost materials. His work seems to be created of the cityscape itself – looking as it every day scenes have morphed into bizarre, exotic extensions of themsleves.

Yarn bombing – A trend

A traditional craft has turned high-impact art installation often seen around NYC.

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