Lifetime Guarantee

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Lifetime Guarantee

FREE Shipping OVER $150

Christmas FAQ

We know you want to get your Christmas gifts for your loved ones absolutely perfect and we are doing our best to make sure we can do this for you! We know this may mean that you have questions about our product, that's why we've curated this list so you can get your answer nice and quick and get those xmas gifts on their way to you! 

- What are the measurements/dimensions of each bird at each size?

Each bird varies in size slightly but in general, regular sizes are A4 (about 21cm x 30cm) and XL is A3 (about 30cm x 40cm)

- How much does each bird weigh?

Each bird varies in weight slightly, but in general, regular sizes weigh about 500g and XL weigh around 1kg. 

- Am I able to return the bird if my recipient doesn't like it?

If you are unsure of which bird your recipient would like best, we recommend you gift them one of our e-gift cards to let them decide for themselves. If for some reason, you recipient isn't happy with the Metalbird you chose for them, you can check our terms and conditions for our returns and exchange policy. 

- How long will my order take?

As you can imagine, Christmas time is a busy time of year and we are doing our best to get all your orders out as quickly as we can! At this stage, orders are taking 1-2 business days to process and then from there shipping is 2 business days. Please check your tracking number for regular updates. 

- Do discounts work on your international counterparts?

No, all discounts provided by us are only valid on the NZ website. 

- Do you offer bulk orders at a cheaper price?

No sorry, we don't have any discounts for large orders at this stage. 

- Is my company name included on the delivery address?

You may have noticed that your company name has disappeared from your confirmation e-mail, but we guarantee you that we have your company name as entered and it will be delivered to the correct place! 

- How long until the Kereru Pair/Bat/NZ Falcon are back in stock?

These are some of our most popular birds and we can run out of stock. We do our best to make sure we always have some on hand so please check back in a couple days to see if they're back in. 

- If I order today, will I receive my order in time for Christmas?

All orders placed before the 15th December 2019 will make it to you in time for Christmas. Any orders placed after this date, we will do our best, but hey! It's getting crazy out there! 

- Is my bird meant to have these sparks/small imperfections on them? Can I get a new one?

As with any craft, there can be some small imperfections that occur. But any imperfections will be covered once the patina develops and the Metalbird takes on its true colours. 


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