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Owwwwlaweeeeen, & we've got something bat-tastic in store . We know what you're thinking... that's no bird! We just thought this guy was so cool, he had to become part of the flock. Not to mention, he does have wings! 

The Pekapeka is also known as the lesser short-tailed bat. There are only two land-mammals native to NZ and this little guy is one of them! Maori folklore refer to bats as Pekapeka and associate them with the mythical, night-flying bird, Hokioi, which foretells death or disaster. You've been warned! 

Lesser short-tailed bats are solid little animals with pale grey-brown fur, long pointed ears and a stumpy tail. They are the only bat species that hunts for food on the ground – their wings fold away under side-flaps of skin, and they use the elbow parts of the wings as front legs. They are nocturnal (active at night). Their diet includes insects, fruit, pollen, seeds and nectar.

New Zealand bats are about the size of your thumb - usually around 5-6cm but their wingspan is around 30cm! We're convinced it'll be love at first bite. So what are you waiting for? Make sure to get your limited edition MetalBAT in time for Hallows Eve.